Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction nurtures and grows your relationship with God by creating a sacred space to reflect on your life and faith. It invites you to listen to the Holy Spirit, to rest in  God’s presence, and to deepen spiritual disciplines in the company of another: a soul friend. As this friend, I seek to listen well, to speak well, to understand the soul, and to see the Divine amid the ordinary. My posture as a Spiritual Director is as a prayerful co listener to the Holy Spirit, the true director of our souls. My desire is to mimic the love of  God to you so that you may know you are seen, heard, and not alone on your journey of faith.

I offer sessions from my office in Bellingham, WA and virtually for anyone needing flexibility for distance of health reasons. To start the process, please email a brief introduction with any questions to kelli@kellimariejensen.com.

Free introductory session
Appointment length: 60 minutes
Appointment cost: $75 or sliding scale based on individual needs.

Kelli worked with me while I was a college student, and had a unique role in my life, that left a lasting impact. She was all parts mentor, spiritual leader, companion, and most importantly an attuned listener. Through our regular time together, Kelli’s discerning ear and sage reflections led me to a deeper understanding of myself both as an individual and God’s beloved in ways that permanently altered my life trajectory.
— Kathy Johns, MA, LMHC, Psychotherapist

Kelli has a light! A light that shines with compassion and joy.  My time with Kelli has helped my relationship with Jesus become immensely deeper, and simpler at the same time.  Kelli has a way of making difficult things simple, the way I believe Jesus does.  She is the perfect ear to be heard by, voice to listen to, and laugh to add. Her practice has become a place where I can count on meeting God and widening my thoughts and ideas of Him in a place full of grace and a good cup of tea! 
— Emily Kamps, Directee

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