Prayer Retreats

One-day and two-day prayer retreats create a space to pause and reconnect, to be still  and to reflect on yourself and God: to settle into his presence and to receive new life and focus. In general, I design our time to strengthen and develop practices of prayer that will enrich your relationship with God as well as sustain it throughout the days and years to come. These practices range from Lectio Divina, Centering Prayer, and  Imaginative Prayer, to creative exercises, nature walks and a variety of others. Each retreat is tailored to your needs.

Fee:  TBD

I am deeply thankful for Kelli and the space created at Taste and See, our bi-weekly prayer gathering for Hillcrest Church.  I have encountered Jesus in powerful ways through silence, prayer, and times of reflection.  Through explanation, example and guidance Kelli leads us to wide places to encounter God.  I look forward to the time together with expectation because God has been so faithful to meet with me.  
— Kristi Knipp

I have truly found such benefit from the time and space provided at Taste and See. Through Kelli’s leading, the time together always feels incredibly rich and spirit lead. It has been a time of deep and much-needed refreshment for my soul. Through her teachings, Kelli has helped me learn how to create the space to be met by God, to hear from God in that most sacred place, and to delight in our time together. It has shown me what a joy it is to spend time with God. Now instead of viewing it as another obligation, I find myself longing for the time. Kelli is an incredibly gifted teacher and I always look forward to her groups. 
— Miqua Corrigan

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